You are tired of waking up with a hangover.

You want the natural glow of your skin to return.

You have been struggling to lose those last few pounds.

You are tired of feeling tired.

You have big dreams for your future, but you feel like a night out takes you two steps back from your goal. 

Your nightly glass(es) of wine have become a habit and you're ready to shake things up bit.

After a couple of days without your go-to cocktail, you convince yourself one is "no big deal" even though you've sworn off drinking for the month. 

I totally get it, girlie! I was there! Basically I got tired of thinking about drinking!

What would it feel like to take a break from alcohol?


Your alarm goes off in the morning, you open one eye, hesitate, realize your mouth isn’t dry, and your head feels clear.  

In fact, you are excited about starting your day.

You stretch your arms over your head, and point your toes twisting your torso to the right and left.

You breathe. You smile.

You are not hungover

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It’s girls’ night out.

You just had an amazing dinner and intimate conversations followed by a live band and dancing.

You felt every beat, heard every lyric.

You will remember this night.

You smile.

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You are snuggling with your jammie clothed kiddos in the warmth of their bed.

You smell the freshness of newly wash hair.

When was the last time you had wine while bathing these babies?

You smile.



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You just launched your online business.

You have wanted to do this for years.

This idea had always been inside you, but alcohol was always there dulling your vision, your clarity.

You no longer think about alcohol.

You smile.

These moments are within you. Within reach.


What is Think Beyond the Drink All About? 

Above anything else, it's a home.

I want to be that place for women to explore their relationship with alcohol and all the beautiful, scary real world magic that comes from these moments of discovery. 

It's also a movement.

I want to start a ripple on my side of the internet, in my hometown of Austin, Texas that extends out to others who are doing similar work. The change makers and shakers who are waking up from their alcohol induced slumber, and see they are perfect, complete, and whole without it.

We need you to show up open-hearted with a clear mind to lead the world in transformational sustainable change.  

Who is this for?

It's for the woman whose girls' nights out revolve around wine.

It's for the woman who has had a drink in hand during almost every social event.

It's for the woman who says, "I drink because I really love the taste of beer, wine, cocktails (pick your flavor)".

It's for the woman who pours a glass a wine when making dinner. Then another one with dinner. Then another one after dinner. 

It's for the woman who over indulges once a week, but always regrets it the next day. 

It's for the woman who is ready to show up for herself in a big massive way.

It's for the woman ready for transformation in ways she could never imagine. 

It's for you. It's for me. 

"Not drinking just doesn't seem 'normal'".

That was me! The thought of NEVER drinking again causes mild hives.

What? I can't drink at my best friend's Aunt's cousins wedding in 1 year?

What about the trip to Italy I don't have planned yet? I can't have wine there either! 

It's like when you buy a house with a guest bedroom so you have room for friends and family to visit, but really it's just an overly decorated storage room that you have to clean out once a year when that 1 guest visits. Point is, I kept planning for the "what if's and when's" instead of living in the moment, and recognizing I was unhappy.

I had changed my diet years ago. I had a yoga and meditation practice. I had loving friends and family. I had a career I enjoyed. The one constant was the booze. 

That's the moment I realized I needed a big fat break from alcohol. Six weeks turned into 100 days. One hundred days turned into a year. One year turned into two. My boundaries and goals change as my growth and lust for life does. I was never anywhere near as I am

your journey starts here